Leah Cotler-Grossman, Certified Advanced Soma Practitioner, L.M.P.

Bodywork is a great facilitator for health and self discovery.   Since 1991, I have been helping others gain insight and health with massage, structural integration, and energy work.

I practice a number of different styles of bodywork that sometime fuse together and other times remain in their singular discipline.  They are:  Soma Neuromuscular Integration, Body Mind Shiatsu, deep tissue work,  and various forms of Energy Medicine.

Not everyone knows about Soma Neuromuscular Integration.  In a nutshell, it is a discipline of bodywork from an osteopathic tradition that focuses on transforming physical structure and emotional well being.  How one lives in their body in stillness and in motion, determines how they perceive, interpret, and respond to life.  Emotional and physical transformation occur when the the body releases historical physical holding patterns of injury, emotional experience, the effects of gravity on the body, and daily movement patterns.  When someone’s  body is released via the fascial web in this discipline, the nervous system has a chance to recalibrate, the body moves and lives with working suspension mechanics, giving people a chance to regain physical alignment and an emotional center point.  In turn, one’s response to life becomes authentic because life is lived in the present moment.

I believe all of the bodywork I practice is a pathway to peace and self understanding.  Each modality is a tool to feel physically and emotionally where one is in life.  In addition to this, there are also the obvious benefits of bodywork being an amazing modality for healing from physical injury, pain, and imbalanced posture. It is only recently that there are scientific studies supporting the dynamic effects of massage with the muscular, nervous, and immune systems.  However, for thousands of years, healers around the world have been keeping bodywork traditions alive because of the powerful effects they produce.  When we are physically healthy and embodied, we live life more fully.


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